Friday, November 7, 2008

rejoice and drown.

here i am rejoicing that i finally passed my damn add maths. :D
we got back our forecast, you see.
but, that was for my second trial.
plus together, divided by two, still fail. =.=
gahh. oh well.
i'm busting my ass off, trying.
for the drowning bit, i'm drowning in the sea of things to do.
tuition after tuition.
but, all the last classes are coming.

anyways, the latest juice that i got for the day is that i realised, relationships, come and go.
just this very day, i witnessed 4 relationships breaking before my eyes.
whether it was a few weeks ago, today, or in the near future.
i won't wanna mention names here.
but, all are shockers.
never expected it to end in such a way.
some, even have such twists, which are unimaginable.
some, even form a new one among themselves.
some, even have a love triangle.
i thought the world was made for one companion EACH.
i didn't know we were suppose to share?
what happened? O.O
god knows.
it's shocking, but, reality strikes.
so, my say, is to hold on to the ones who mean the most to you while they are still there.
before it's too late.
before there's no turning back.
if you wanna make a decision, decide now.
don't hold back, or you'll definitely regret.

trust me, i went through it the hard way to end up with the right one. :)