Saturday, November 8, 2008

elaboration, forgiven.

i'm currently listening to Bye Bye (remix) by mariah carey, feat. akon and lil wayne.
it strikes me that life really comes and goes.
i suffered the loss of my grandpa a couple of years back.
on his dying bed, he held my hand, telling me to fulfil his dream of me becoming a doctor.
i really want to.
but, it's beyond my capability.
it's not my interest.
what am i to do?
i miss him ever so much.
it stings.
before i wipe a tear, i want everyone to remember whoever you've lost,
to a fight, to a sickness, or by just the nature of people coming and going,
this is for the people who was just lost somebody,
you're not alone.
for those who are about to lose somebody,
hold on tight, we're there as a safety net for you to fall on when it hits.
your friends and family will be there.
this is also a good test to see which are your true friends, which aren't.
the ones that run to be your shoulder to cry on, are the ones that deserve to be the top of your list.
those who didn't give two shits about you, kick them to the sidelines, unless they have a valid reason.
to everyone out there,
remember those who has gone,
hold on to those which are still here,
and welcome the ones which are about to come.