Monday, November 17, 2008

i watched burn after reading last night and it was quite stupid.
meaning, it can be funny and also there's no story line as well.
it's all about this person spying on this person and another person spying on another person.
this person cheating on this person and another person cheating on another person.
but, in the end, a few people die just cos of some fugly woman wanting to undergo 4 different cosmetic surgeries.

inclusive of a boob job. -.-
george clooney acts as a sex addict.
brad pitt as some male dumb blonde which is the funniest guy in this show, i would say.
george clooney is just plain jerky. hmphh.
as for john malkovich, he's just idiotic.

everything also, "what the fuck? fucker! fuck".
the whole show, is just like that.
there's one part which i think was damn funny.
it was when george clooney invented this machine where you can masturbate which consists of a chair and a dildo.
it works like, you rock the chair, and the dildo will move up and down while the chair rocks.
ohmygod la.
i was watching it with my mum. O.O
but, i couldn't help but laugh-out-loud.
i wouldn't say it was a great show.
but, if you want to watch for the sake of filling time, go ahead. :)

didn't know he has comedic talent.
sooooooo funny and charming in this show.
he works at HARD BODIES.
LMAO. what a name.

scribbles between my darling boy and i after his science paper. :)

i miss you, baby. <33

tomorrow's the additional mathematics and moral paper!

all the best. :)