Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the 100th post. :D

yupp, the 100th post! :DD
anyways, i wanted to blog about my additional mathematics paper yesterday.
but, i was too tired. :/
straight k.o there on my bed straight till morning.
my additional mathematics paper yesterday, wasn't as bad as i assumed it to be.
paper1 was alright.
paper2 was a lil tougher.
as for moral, i didn't really care much about it.
i was just chilling there. lol.
i cared more about additional mathematics as compared to moral.
i was studying add maths like crazy for the past few days and just left moral alone.
whereas, my friends were studying moral and didn't care about additional mathematics.
ahhh. they'll get A for it.
it doesn't matter for me if i get B for moral.
i just wanted to do alright for additional mathematics. :)
chemistry is tomorrow.
i better get off to it now. :)