Sunday, November 16, 2008

early morning blues

as i was enjoying my koko krunch for my breakfast, i was watching this pupcam.
awww. it's a live cam where they place 6 lil pups in a room and there's a live cam there for the world to see their cuteness. ;)
i took a picture of them.
but, before that, there's that random frog soft toy sitting on my reclining chair.

pupcam! :D

i started to browse through my old pictures and i found these few which were taken a couple of months back.
i think i was too lazy to upload it then.
soooo many candid.

my hand, theesy's sluttylicious look, pp, stone. O.O

i had to edit this cosss..... my uniform was kind of, transparent. O.O
but, look at theesy. LMAO.
i was just a passer by.

once again, getting back to MORE additional mathematics.
i tell you, if the hard paper comes out this year and i spent so damn much time on add maths and end up leaving the paper blank, i'm gonna cry my eye balls out.
pray hard.
eyy, don't curse me, form5s, you'll be facing the same paper as well. :P

to those who's gonna sit for the paper tomorrow, science and bible knowledge, as far as i know, all the best! :)

all the best baby for your science. i know you can do it. mwahxx. <33

alice, wooooo. all the best, woman, for your bible knowledge.