Wednesday, November 12, 2008

first day of SPM.

the first day itself left me hanging on a thin thread already. :/
all the tips that was predicted, NONE CAME OUT.
(well, a lil bit la....)
apparently, the governement decided to come out with the second set.
so, i suppose, all the sources of tips predicted the first set, and all of us got screwed. =.=
man, BM, everyone predicted pelancongan and sukan.
YES! sukan came out.
BUT, the type we studied, was waaaayyyyy different from the one that came out.
in the end, not one of my friends did sukan. =.=
most of us did the nyamuk aedes thing.
gahhh. wrote a whole lot of shits there.
alice, pp, kah kit, my boy and i went to starbucks during the hour plus break to cramp all the malay literature tips we knew.
bloody hell.
asking for ONE latar masyarakat, put PERSAMAAN DAN PERBEZAAN.
i looked around, i saw everyone stoning. lol
woahhh. i stone there for quite some time. O.O
in the end, i put, "orang melayu"


arghhhh. it's 3.40 am now.

sejarah in a few hours.

paper 2.

sejarah is suicide.

the objective yesterday, i fired my gun more than 30 times.


i don't want to possibly imagine what's going to happen when there's no choice of answers today. T.T

i know my friends have been studying.

boohooooo. luckily, today is also english. :DD

that cheers me up wayyyyy more. :)))

lol. anyways, spending too much time here already.

gotta catch up on my last minute cramping of sejarah!

GAMBATEH! (or however you supposingly spell it)

i think the 2 packets of coffee is taking effect on my system.

i'm feeling hyper.

orgy man.

*screams for help*

help me! :(