Tuesday, November 11, 2008

my boy and i celebrated our 4th month anni today. :D
we went for lunch together and he dropped me home after school.
we went to starbucks later in the night to spend the hours together enjoying a toffee nut frap AND studying. ;)
hah. anyways, happy 4th month anni, baby. :))
i love you more than anything and anyone.
no matter what, i'll always, always love you, adrian yap kee wing! <33
loads of hugs and kisses. xoxo

as i was saying, we were in school doing all those stuffs we needed to settle before our big test tomorrow.
i was SO bored at the taklimat, i had to do something.

behind me.

in front of me.

gosh. i WAS bored.

also, while studying with baby, i found this in the malay book.
damn. tongue twister! O.O

my winning streak. ngeh. ;P


so free right?

can play solitaire when SPM's tomorrow. -.-

there. after days of being too lazy to upload the pics of the new notebook which i won, here it is. :)

it's really mini.

retailing at 900.


do contact if interested.

i'm emo.

i'm depressed.

now's 2.11 am.

i'm online, blogging.

test starts at 8, i think. o.O

i haven't started.

not sleeping at all.

to all SPM students, our war begins tomorrow.

buckle up, fight this, head on.

don't worry, there's 440,000 of us.

in a couple of weeks, we'll fly like birds, jump like monkeys and sleep like pigs.

but for now, bury your nose in your books.

it's tough shits, i know.

but, it's the way of life.

all the best! :)

what you reap, is what you sow.