Friday, November 14, 2008

the battle gone wrong.

i didn't get a chance to blog bout the second day of SPM or the third.
now, on the fourth day, which i have no papers, i got a chance to.
the second day was english and sejarah paper 2.
the third was maths 1 and 2.
let's start with th 2nd day.

english, well, it's english.

i wrote about the perfect husband and wife thing.

i started it like this,

"My perfect spouse. Billions of people, men and women have prayed, wished and hoped to find that perfect spouse. Many have gone to extreme lengths. Some, was the third party and got all involved in a love triangle and what not. Some, claim they found the perfect spouse, read their vows and ended up looking for a lawyer to file for their divorce a couple of years later. Exactly, what is the perfect spouse?"

something like that was written in my introduction.

well, hope for the best. :)

sejarah paper2.


NO IDEA what will come out of it.

i didn't leave any blanks but i did fire my bullets a lot.


third day.

paper1 was fine.

at least i didn't tembak anything la.

but, i got like, one mistake so far.


paper2, ohmygoddd.

i don't know why i was panic-ing so much, i was left in despair.

i panicked till i couldn't do shits man.

i only left a few sub-units blank.

but, i've no idea what the rest is going to come out like.


i admitted i weeped like a little baby after the exams.

when everyone was going home, i walked to an empty class with my boy and cried a river.

he just held me tightly comforting me.

i felt like a baby. :/


i was even talking through my tears which i doubted he understood cos i was practically mumbling like this,

"ayemm so ubzett. aye cant beelif that maths azo i cant doo. iytt was so hard, baybee. *cries uncontrollably* how? what am i to do now? i studied so hard the night before *sniffs* and now i can't even do it. i'm so scayerred."

O.O i know.

don't say a word. i know, really.

sighh. oh well.

i got over it and he drove me home.

the night before we sat for the maths paper, he came over to my place at 11 plus to learn earth as a sphere with my dad.

he stayed over and we were studying downstairs till 5.10 in the morning.

we slept on the two reclining chairs till sunrise.

and, we took off for school, all happy and confident.

whatthehell happened, i've no idea.

i didn't leave much empty.

but, i have a bad feeling about it.

hopefully, it's just thinking too much. :/

keep fighting this battle, high school leavers.

we're half way there.

as for another case, all the best primary school leavers.

you're getting your results today.





i remember i got straight A's then.

was i a nerd or what.

then, PMR came by.

3. =.=

was i lazy or what.

what is SPM going to be?


update update. :)