Saturday, November 8, 2008

i miss you, boo.

as i lie on my bed,
wrapping my arms around my bolster.
i close my eyes,
wishing that you were closer.

i miss your scent,
ever so sweet.
i breathe in heavily,
but its' out of reach.

where are you, baby,
i need you.
come back in my arms,
i miss you, boo.

i keep wishing,
you were beside me.
but when i open my eyes,
i just sigh deeply.

my fingers misses yours,
i miss your tender touch.
where are you, baby,
i love you so much.

come closer to me,
i can't stop thinking about my boo.
i love you the most,
more than anyone before you.

i can't help but promise,
that i will never leave you.
hold me tight, baby,
tell me you miss me too.

i'm about to wipe a tear,
as it hurts when you're away.
adrian, i need you near,
"baby, come home", is what i cry and say.

xx -6.59pm, 8th november-