Saturday, November 15, 2008

terrylicious's exam day. :/

alice and i went for terry's test today.


it's impossible SPM will ever come out with such a hard paper la, terry.

he happily eating 'chap fan' (mixed rice to those pure bananas) and smiling there when everyone went scolding him after the paper.


paper1 was tough, paper2 was WORSE.

it was IMPOSSIBLE to do.

no wonder he called it, "a surprise". -.-

con people.


hyper baby.

alice and i decided to spend more time during the break just chilling although the second paper has started cos after what we went through in the first paper, we knew it was impossible to pass, and also, we knew we didn't need that whole 2 and a half hours to prove it.

we weren't gonna spend the whole 2 and a half to do the paper anyway.

too tough to do. :(

so, we decided to waste more time relaxing and walking around clad in THE SAME SHIRT fyi.

so happen, we wore the same shirt we both got on the same day.

he was so tickled when i tickled his feet.

awww. :DDD

lol. did i mention, he kissed me with his fully salivated lips?

eeeeeee. you have NO IDEA.

i'm not saying it's an all bad thing.

i mean, what the heck, he's a baby.

but, nevertheless, he's uber adorable. :)

i don't know why this made me laugh like crazy.

especially when alice said, "oh maynn. per-so-lekk-an dann keh-reen-ting ramm-butt."

okay well. maybe i exaggerated a lil'...... :)

maybe cos we knew we did badly and was just self-comforting. :/

see that fatty?

that's my lil fur ball. :))

she has grown MUUCCCHH bigger after a couple of months.

i caught her indulging in her early dinner today.

she practically dived into her food bowl.

lol. awwww. :))

my little baby.

i couldn't get a clear picture of hammie though. :/

she kept running around.

anyways, i'm gonna get back to my dearest additional mathematics. *grunts and sulks*

while enjoying my warm cup of malty horlicks. :)

cheers. x)