Tuesday, October 21, 2008

okay. where do i start?
i just recieved breaking news about the guy with the broken cock.
apparently, he doesn't only have dick problem, he also has face problem. *gasp*
(from the other people which hates him)
oh yeah.
last year, the whole form hated him and they were calling him the "D.O.G of (guy's name)"
to my dismay, i wasn't allowed to reveal the guy's name because it will reveal my source.
they also said that he has face problem and his attitude is soooo wannabe-ish.
his first girlfriend, also from our school, only lasted for a few days.
how sad.
the second girl which he likes, which is in the same form as us, kept running away from him because of his annoying attitude and face problem.
his nickname for her was, 'gorgeous'.
but, she practically wanted to gorge her eyes out whenever she saw him.
the girls that he's after is always running away from him because he comes up with lame jokes.
let me give you two examples.
one which i witnessed myself, one more my friend witnessed.
first, the joke started with the diva saying that she has a gap in her teeth.
i'm sure you can never imagine what was his answer.
"huh? gap ah? why not armani?"
what he was trying to say was, GAP BRAND. AND ARMANI BRAND.
how lame can that be?
secondly, was when the girl that he liked second said, "H.E.L.L.O!" to me a couple of days back.
she spelled it out for the fun of it.
i was just about to reply her greet till he came next to me and said, "HELL-O? WHY NOT MILO-O? WHY NOT KOPI-O? TEH-O?"
that was the lamest shit i've ever heard.
who would've have ever thought about that?
the girl rolled her eyes with her disgusted face and walked back to her class.
i told you damn alot of people hate him.
the girl that he liked so much actually called him retarded and annoying. O.O
wow. tell me bout brutality, people.
the cold hard truth.
and yet, he can still walk around with head high as though he has a list of friends which can never end.
gosh. ever wondered why the girl you like from form3 right now doesn't like you?
let me give you a tip.
she's in love with my best friend from DJ. :)
what a great choice.
the diva and the poker face were once rivals with each other and also with this guy with the broken cock.
the nickname for this guy from those two people when they were bitching abot him was, "OX."
bet you didn't know that. :)
go ahead, ask them.
the poker face nicknamed the diva, "CROW."
cos he hated her like crazy.
apparently, zu yeen was called,"giraffe ." by this poker face.
pau ping was, "sungei wang plaza."
the name sungei wang plaza was given because they said she was lala.
which is very offensive to those people from there, you see.
anyways, i forgotten one thing.
i remember that someone told me before that the diva had her face smashed on this guy's ass before.
and, ahem, let's say that guy is blessed generously with great proportions.
she was walking up the stairs when he suddenly stopped and she just smashed right in his ass.
oh man.
you have no idea how much we laughed when we heard it.
she had this crush.
scratch that. CRUSHES.
from all over.
god knows how many.
even in our class itself, she's surrounded by 5 guys and she's solo.
wow. shall i say, it's a good thing or a bad thing?
shall i say that she's famous or she's cheap?
you do the judgement. :)
anyways, i'm off to study for my chem and physics paper tomorrow.
i will update whenever i have anything new.