Wednesday, October 22, 2008

oh dear, oh my.
the amount of people ordering me to blog about these people seems to be increasing by the day.
has anyone ever wondered why are these people causing so much hatred?
well, i'll leave it to my blog which are based on the information being poured to me by various sources as they all want the world to see what kind of people they are.
oh well.
anyways, i recieved news that these group of people actually goes to people's blogs to spam.
they go in a group of 3-4 people.
they will spam the comments or c box anonymously as they are cowards and not want to be identified.
one of them will pose as a 'good blog reader' which agrees on the blogger while the others will actually bitch about the blogger and the 'good blog reader which agrees'.
apparently, the 'good blog reader' is usually the solo girl in the group.
whether or not she's flying solo in the group, i'll soon find out.
but, how old are these people to come up with these kind of dumb plan, you ask?
well, they're all 17.
all plussed together and you'll get above 50.
who on earth above 50 will do such an immature act?
besides, their brains are old enough to know how to act by themselves without being influenced by others if they didn't want to do it.
but, anyways, the point is, who will actuallythink of that?
i didn't.
i got to know that they've been doing this for a very long time and they actually plan it in school. -.-
so free huh.
they've spammed people from our school's blog which they call, 'gay fag'.
he's a guy from our school and they spammed his blog, anonymously, AGAIN.
come on.
we know who you are.
don't be such cowards, can you?
be bold and brave enough to admit it's you if you got the guts to do it.
immaturity is what i see.
also, i came to know about the fact that they hate each other!
how is that possible?
they were bitching about one another at one point, and at the same time, they're BFFs. O.o i heard it with my own ears, too.
what loyal friends. :)
the poker face was saying how much he hates the diva and now he has feelings for her?
the diva said how much she found the guy with broken cock annoying and now they're getting all touchy in school?
surprise surprise, people.
miracles DO happen.
or, maybe, just wolves in sheeps' clothing.
we will never know.
it's just an act of their nature where normal people like you and i will never understand. :)