Tuesday, September 2, 2008

i have a series of photos to upload.
gahh. too many.
it's been longer than ages since i last blogged.
been slobbered with work.
nevertheless, i got some time off after dreadful losses from this game called wedding dash.
i gave up.
it's stupid. blek.
countdown to independence day at the curve.
awesome. magical. magnificent. priceless.

as long as i think he's hot. ;)

highlight of the day : he slipped a ring on my finger when he was holding me while watching the fireworks that so happened to be RIGHT above us. it was better than magical. :')

with pinky. :)

my hair was sticky from all the snow spray.

with alice. :)

speaking of which, there's something REALLY DISTURBING in this picture.

look at what's white behind us. LOL.

i never knew it till i came home to look at the pictures.

damn. picture spoiler.

between tuitions, zara and i went to this restaurant called fusion in du for dinner at 8 at night.

damn. they had ciggs in their menu.

how 'awesome' is that. LOL


that's how these cool people roll. xD

SUPPOSINGLY alice's present. LOL

smile cabbage. reminds me so much like her. :)

this has got to be mother of all gay things.

while walking around dj one evening with my boy, i came across this homemade sign.

yeapp. agreed.

the class got cancelled last minute.

so, instead of heading home, i took charge of the board.

not really artistic eh.

i had a bubu at the Ti-Ratana seminar and THIS WAS HIS PLASTER.

LOL. i was laughing my ass off.

either way, it was something different. :))

the past 2 months has been great with him. :))

yes, there were rough times.

but, which couple doesn't?

we overcame it and it only made us stronger.

i love you, adrian. <3

friends wise, there was this pile of pictures which i saw of someone which really made theesy alice and i roll on the floor.


doing that infamous pose ; pouting and giving that puppy eye look.

"oh LEMAO".

THAT was my reaction.

she never stops eh, buddies?

oh well.

trials are coming and so is SPM.

i won't be blogging for a couple of weeks.

my mum came up with a routine of waking me up by 8 every morning.

first morning, 8.

second morning, 7.50.

third morning, yeah, you guessed it, 7.40.

i told her off that she's gonna make it 6 within a week. haha.

that's how much my ass is working lately.

all the best to everyone for their exams.

form fives, we got a final battle ahead of us.

let's conquer it together.

after that, we're free monkeys for good.

no more uniforms.

no more stupid fcukin school rules banning handphones, not-toucing-eyebrow hair, boiling sizzling days under the sun without air conditioner and days of endless tuitions.

we'll leave that all behind and leave it to the younger ones.

quote adidas/nike(can't remember) : together, impossible is nothing.

cheers, my fellow mates.

mucho love, val.

random words and quote: ohmahgrrrass, ohmahrrrracoon, tomatoes make me horny, "eat tomatoes can die one ah" said lucas.