Monday, August 11, 2008

i didn't take it okay.
but, it sure did smell pretty addictive. O.O
ohh noooo. :/

his weird spongebob toy which occupied QUITE a while of our time.
LOL. right, sayang?

did you even know that there are two caps there?
haha. we were bored you see.
so, this is what happens. x)
his was the first shot.
mine was like, the hundredth? :O
went to celebrate my grandpa's birthday at the damansara palace on saturday night.
it was pretty good actually.
ahha. the karaoke was a lil off.
but, oh well. :)
he turns the big ninety-O.

baby thomas in his mummy's arms, my cousin kimmy. x)

it was kimmy's idea to put that pau on his head.


and his daddy, adam, decided to try it out himself.

even funnier.

on our anniversary, i decided to cook something up for him to mamm mamm. :))

the spaghetti looked nice okay.

i cook a pretty mean spaghetti.

his whole family and mine agrees with me.

i'm proud of it. xDD

just that the face we made on his THIRD plate was pretty messy. :X

this was how it looked like before the messy stuff happened.

on sunday night, i went over to my cousin, trina's place for a grilled dinner.

her place was AWE-SOMEEEE!

it's located at damansara perdana.

managed to steal a shot from the night.

this is her dining area with the grill on the right.

it's in the open and it was great.

the ambience was perfect.

the pool downstairs.

the main entrance.

baby thomas was present!

he was all nice and bubbly for awhile till it was his bedtime and started whining again.

but, this time, i managed to get a clear shot of his GRAY EYES! :DD

he's an absolute love.


that adorable lil thing. :DD


till next time, cheers. :))

i'll be going to school on wednesday.


random quotes & words of the day : lengkungan pelvis, i feel like farting, oh! thunder thighs! & britij, sakiah sakiah.