Friday, July 18, 2008

today's a happy happy day. :))

although it came as a shock when i saw how short his hair was.

he is still handsome in my eyes. :)

the BRANDS' people came to our school and distributed some free samples.

it was the first time he tried it.

you should have seen his face.

so, i came up with a deal.

if he finished half, i would finish the other half.
die together.

then, he chugged it down his throat.

it wasn't even half la!

i took the other half but he wasn't looking.


so, i took another bottle and finished it by myself.

it was crap.

as usual, we had recess together.

we showed each other pictures of our younger days. :)

those were the days.

the devil i fell in love with. :)

what an adorable picture of him.

he looks different now anyway.

a mini me. ;D

all in all, today has been great. :)

you've been there for me when i needed someone the most and you've proven your love for me.

it's my turn.

your lips so soft,

with every kiss you give.

your warmth blankets me,

when the wind swifts.

your scent surrounds me,

with your every cuddle.

i shut my eyes gently,

as i conquer my darkest struggle.

your hand locked with mine,

and we hold no key.

thank you, baby,

for always loving me.

i love you.