Sunday, July 20, 2008

been pretty tied down lately, WITH ENTERTAINMENT! :D
went for the dark knight.
it was awesome.
heath ledger left a great mark in the batman history. :)
christian bale was a lil, blur.
oh well.
harvey two-face was born.
follow the trilogy. :)

a spanking new ball given to us. :)

uh huhh. stylo wei. x)

my two cousins from uk, rachael & christopher foo.


i came across this drawing on the wall nearby the pool table while waiting for my go.

i thought it was damn funny. :D

went to a fish spa along merchant square.
it was crazily ticklish at the beginning but i got used to it later.

who ever said that nailpolish has to be off the same colour?

dare to be different. ;)

study time!
trials are flooding near. :(
god help me.