Thursday, July 17, 2008


ever since i last updated, i've went to a couple of places to test out my muscle perseverance.

it hurts like shit now. T.T

paintball was effing fun.

i went with 6 other cousin, my aunt, my uncle and my boy as well. ;)

as a first date, i looked like crap with grass all over me and drenched in sweat, crouching here, dashing there.


you have NO IDEA.

while everyone was cheering for their schools during cheer 2008 at the bukit jalil stadium, i was right next door, running like crazy to not get shot.

luckily, i didn't get shot. hah! xD

i actually did at my chest!

but, the paintball didn't burst.

so, i didn't feel shits when it bounced off me. LOL.

whereas, the rest of the people weren't so lucky.

my boy had one right on the ass. LOL.

it was shit fun. :)

unfortunately, my uncle forgot to take a picture of us in the gear.

arghh. oh well.

must come back with friends! :D

a few days after, i went to the batting cage located in ou with my cousins.

some pictures were taken, but, they're not with me right now.

i'll try to get them asap.

anyways, batting was wayyyyy better than paintball.

i picked up the fastest. ;D

now, my muscles are screaming for mercy.

went for a midnight show after bowling.

this show was AWESOME.

i loved it. :)

going for this on friday.

the opening night.

there's karaoke planned before this. :D

shit fun.

in memory of the great heath ledger.

i'm going to buy the dvd to remember him always.