Wednesday, June 18, 2008

well, i haven't blogged much lately.
cos, there's nothing much in life to blog about YET.
but, for now, i'm just, kinda disappointed and hurt by this great friend of mine.
she said something that hurt me greatly cos all i ever wanted, was to care for her.
cos, she was, being too obsessed over this novel.
& all i ever wanted to do was to let her realize that trials are coming soon and NONE OF OUR RESULTS ARE GREAT.
i'm not saying mine are great.
no way.
it's just that, i don't want her to be too carried away by this novel till she doesn't care about anything else.
which, is practically what has been going on lately as soon as she got herself hooked on to it.
i was just being a concerned friend and she fired it back at me saying that i don't need to care about her.
i don't know whether she took my concern as an insult or whatsoever.
but, never did i mean it as an insult.
i just had an intention to make her realize it before it's too late.
oh well.
i don't know what's gonna happen about that.
but, apart from that.
i'm just so disappointed in him.
he told me he was gonna call me after his futsal match last night and i waited till 1 am in the morning.
no calls.
i was so disappointed.
apparently, he was already asleep and was dead tired.
i saw his message when i came home from school.
couldn't you at least have told me first?
instead of letting me wait till 1 am when you were ALREADY SLEEPING SOUNDLY?
i don't know la.
i realize, i take starbucks whenever i'm sad or something.
it makes me high and happy somehow.
oh well.
i had a dark mocha frap just now.
just like jess told me to try.
i did, and i prefer the caramel one.
cos, it's a lil too chocolate-ish for me till there's not much taste of coffee anymore. :/
well, different people, different taste.
but, i guess it did it's job still to make me high and happy. ;D
i'm not going to school tomorrow.
going to find mr. tan in bu1 cos he left without saying goodbye to me in the face last friday.
so, i'm going to cari that man tomorrow. xD
then, alice, agnes and i are heading for the library.
we'll see how things go from there.
emo day.