Monday, June 16, 2008

damn it.
maisa didn't bring the thumbdrive. =.=
it is such a turn off.
alice and i are just waiting like idiots now.
i got 31 for chemistry.
*curses like crap*
everyone failed this chemistry test except for jessica fong!
she's such a smartie.
oh well.
today was a tad weird.
agnes & maisa were practically raping me.
one smacking my ass non-stop.
one trying to grab my boobs.
just cos they took naomi's cupcake which is high in sugar content.
they got SO high, they attacked me.
i took the cupcake too.
but, i turned out fine.
i was victimized instead. :/
nothing else happened today.
skipping my malay tuition tonight.
gotta study my chemistry dammit.
not exactly a happy day.