Thursday, June 19, 2008

as i said yesterday, we were gonna look for mr. tan in bu1.
we did.
we were there for about 40 minutes and my mum was grumbling in the car.
well, those were the cards we made for him. :)
alice's, agnes's and mine.
goshh. i spent like, 2 hours to make that card.
oh well.
we took some pictures with him too, in the chemistry lab in that school.

that's alice in pink and agnes in red. :)

after that, we took off to the library.
we're born to be in siantan.
somehow, siantan people will never have the mood to study.
well, that's why we're in siantan.
oh well.
today, was a really sucky day for me.
i cried in the library.
the worse part was, it started to rain.
as i was on the phone talking to him, with all the words he said to me, it all seemed too impossible to digest.
it hurt so bad.
maybe, it was my fault.
it was my fault to take relationships like how i always did.
what he's trying to tell me, could it be right?
i took a ride from his perspective.
i sat down and think.
maybe, he's right.
for him to think that i don't need to take relationships as my number1 thing.
i'm trying.
trying hard.
i need time.
we'll see how things go.
hopefully, everything will heal slowly.
as for my friend that had my good deed fired back in return, it turns out, she doesn't think she's wrong anyway.
alright then.
there's nothing else for me to say.
conclusion : 70%sad day, 30% happy day.