Wednesday, June 25, 2008

she decided to treat my arm as a drawing block for the day during sejarah tuition. lol.
she was bored i guess.
earlier today was fun.
alice and i were walking home from ikano, under the rain, under alice's red and black checkered umbrella, ella ella eh eh eh.
we were under the pouring rain with ice-cream at hand.
laughing like maniacs as we were trying to avoid puddles all over the road.
damn. her umbrella was effing small okay.
both our sides were soaked!
it was a great experience to share with her. xD
wednesdays are always longgg days for me.
towards the end of the night, i heard lots of stuff.
which i don't think i was suppose to hear.
i feel so god damn betrayed.
i trusted you when i talked to you last night.
now, you're backstabbing me and was just using me to get information?
what the fuck.
that was very damn shocking when i found out what kind of person you can be.
shit man. i can't believe this.
you effing got me.