Tuesday, June 24, 2008

i would consider today was a pretty good day as compared to the shitty few days i've been going through lately.
school, as usual.
but, to my surprise, there was no spot check!
from that moment on, i knew today was gonna be a good day. :)
true enough.
we had 3 free periods today!
pn. leow came but, somehow or rather, didn't come in for our physics class.
pn. aini didn't make it for english and the last two periods were the best.
it was chemistry.
there was this new teacher which didn't get to catch a glimpse of cos alice, pau ping and i left without even waiting for chemistry to come.
lol. we sort of blended into the arts stream crowd which has their classes end earlier than us by two periods.
so, we left.
hoping to be able to get ice-cream outside.
to our disappointment, the ice-cream man started selling drinks now. -.-
damn shit lame okay.
people want ice-cream, he starts selling drinks.
goshh. oh well.
we got some stuff to eat and we just walked around the school hunting for discipline teachers that knows we're in the science and running away from them. xD
it was fun compared to sitting in the chemistry lab listening to some anion shits.
i was determined to come home today to start studying.
chemistry. O.O
but, i thought like, "hey, why not take a SHORT nap before i wake up later and study for about 2 or 3 hours before i go for malay tuition?"
so, i plopped on my bed and snoozed all the way to dinner time.
my alarm rang but, i didn't give two shits.
haha. i went for my malay tuition like every other monday night.
got extra class this thursday night! :/
damn. i wanna go pyramid this coming sunday.
get my skates on for the first time, darls. x)
laugh all you want.
i'm more excited about it than you are laughing about it.
friends, are easy to find.
true friends, are harder than expecting pigs to fly.
well, i found a couple.
today was an emo day for a few of us cos somehow, friendships started to get sour between us.
but, oh well.
i don't need them to survive.
i did my part as i said.
if friends are meant to come and go, i know alice and pinky will never go. :)
this much, i'm sure.