Sunday, June 22, 2008

my hair is chopped.
i lost approx. 6 inches.
my dad was staring at the floor with inches of my hair all over the place.
he was wide-eyed & jaw dropped that i snipped off so much.
nahh. it ain't that bad.
i'm not those type that will weep and sob that the luscious locks are gone.
but, i didn't get a picture of it. not a picture day.
i have plans up my sleeve.
ngeh. ;)
only my close friends know what it is.
oh well.
what else happened today.
i went to tesco this morning.
i met jack jack!
haha. it was pretty shocking actually.
but, i thought i looked like shit today.
so, i kinda avoided and hopefully, not get noticed.
unfortunately, he noticed.
lol. but, we didn't talk until we got home and i texted him saying, "i saw you. x)"
and he replied, "i saw you too. just wanted to confirm."
lol. pretty boring day today.
i just put down the phone after talking to alice.
damn. we can be god damn close okay.
mind the language.
also, i decided to go freelancing.
this, only alice will understand.
i don't intend to blog about it.
damn. tomorrow's a monday, AGAIN.
arghh. stupid assembly which requires us to clip our fringe up.
it's only gonna be that few minutes then we'll take off the clip anyways.
it just ruins my monday mornings and kicks off the day with my monday blues.
let's see what's in store for me tomorrow.
everyday's a surprise now.