Saturday, June 21, 2008

i went to pyramid today.
went to have subway for brunch while waiting for my mum to get her facial thing done.
i went with my dad and we were walking around for over 3 hours after brunch.
somehow, i couldn't get anything today.
my dad too.
we saw a couple of things we both like.
but, maybe today just wasn't our day.
it didn't turn out that nice after all.
we walked and walked and walked.
we went to check out the skating rink.
oh my.
i feel so stupid that i haven't been skating before. :/
but, i made my decision to go this coming saturday with my mates to try it out.
ngeh. ;)
i'm definitely calling jaysen.
just cos he has never skated before too! lol.
we'll be falling together eh?
everyone else has skated before and ms. alice leong laughed her ass off when i told you i haven't skated before. :/
oh well.
i know what happened to her when she first attempted skating. ;)
you don't want me spreading it here, do you? lmao.
anyways, we went over to the taman megah food court thingy, the one that looks like some hut with hawaiian themed workers?
i forgotten what it's called.
some chinese word.
we went there for dinner and headed on home.
life has been boring ever since.
i've been thinking.
maybe, he's just not the one for me?
i don't know.
i've just been really confused lately.
i don't know what to do.
here i am trying so hard, and yet, shit happens.
i don't know what else can i say or do.
give up and let go?
this is history repeating itself, AGAIN.
argh. this is fucked.
when will i ever get things right?
jaysen says, "suffer now, enjoy later."
damn it la, jaysen.
i'm suffering like shits now for so damn long.
when is the 'enjoy' coming??