Thursday, June 26, 2008

daryl drew this. his first drawing of me in 3 years.
i waited like hell.
i skipped school.


i finally finished my biology folio.


i did half few days ago and then my bloody laptop hanged and everything went poof.

i was so frustrated.

but, finally, i'm done.

i went for my jog earlier today after stressing on the project.

i was listening to affinity by red car wire.

the song he sent to me.

i just kept running and running and running.

i've never ran such a long distance without stopping before.

i was so frustrated as the lyrics, "you're just so hard to get over." played through my earphones.

i ran even faster while i looked down at my feet.

all the memories rushed into me like a gush of wind.

it hurts like shit to know all those were lies.

well, all those don't matter now.

it was just a dream which i woke up to reality from.

it's over.