Friday, June 27, 2008

steal a smile.
life's been great today. x)

so far.
but, ahh. my turqoise contacts tore.
so, now's true sapphire.
not much difference but, a lil more blue.
i finally got a picture of my new chopped hair and my cowboy hat that i got from melaka a couple of weeks ago.

anyways, alice and i have 3 tuitions ahead of us.

gahh. T.T

it was report card day today.


aminah told my mum that i don't do homework.

and, i've been telling my mum I HAVE BEEN DOING HOMEWORK. :/

go figure.

to my surprise, everything seemed fine.

my friend that yelled at me last week, has apologized for what she has said last night.

i was smiling when i saw her message.

i thought it would never come.

i am sorry too. :(

but, i sure hope we'll be fine now. :)

honestly, yeah.

i've missed us being best buds too.

i feel happy today cos everything is starting to fall into place again. x)