Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new year! :D

first, i would like to say that 2008 was some kick ass year. :)
in good terms, and also in bad.
break ups, broken relationships, damn dramas, birth of new relationships, and special bonding with new friends. :)
the wars of exams, the crash courses of studies, the endless tuitions, the money making businesses, the boozes, and every single second of 2008 has been an experience to me. :)
there are regrets, but, that is part and parcel of life, ain't it?
well, in this really long blog, i would like to wave goodbye to 2008 and usher in 2009.
it has been a wonderful year with everyone around me.
friend or foe, enemy or lovers, without you, 2008 just wouldn't be what it is right now.
we may have been immature throughout the years, but, we're grown ups now. :)
we're college students and we're starting a new life.
to me, i've buried the past.
i'm not saying that i'm admitting to every single thing or arguement this year was my fault.
i just, got enough of it.
i'm not gonna carry this burden through my hopefully blissful college life. :)
with all sincerity, i would like to apologise for the things which hurt people, if it really was my fault.
and to those who are still my enemies now, it's all up to you.
the five years in smkbud(4) has been a rollercoaster ride for me.
to everyone in my life, friend or foe, happy new year. :)

new year's resolution : have a life with love, money, education *ahem, yes, i'm gonna get it*, pleasures, and happiness.

here, i've spent over an hour preparing the best and most memorable moments of 2008.

there's plenty more, but, i can't post up every single one of them.

so, these are random picks of 'em.

it brings a smile to my face. :)


on the way to prom.

nearly worked here.

basketball court near lucas's place where norman, lucas and my boy were playing at 10+ at night.
alice and i were just chilling by the side.
and here are the pictures from the new year celebration at curve. :)

chiun nien was my target for smiley foam making. :)


*taken post celebration*
lastly, my love, adrian and i, would like to sincerely wish everyone reading this blog and in our lives, a very, very happy new year. :)