Tuesday, January 6, 2009

after a longggg pause. :)

yeapp, peeps.
that's where i'll be schooling for the next year. :)
before we all shift to the new lakeside campus next year for our degree program.
woah. that new campus is some sexy shit, i tell you. ;P

anyways, back to the topic.
college life, well, haven't really begun it yet.
but, the first two days, it's pretty good. :)
it's taking it's time to slowly generate the positive vibes out of those gloomy days of lectures.
i started my first lecture today.
it was business mathematics.
well, it's sorta a mixture of mod maths and add maths as well. :/
add maths is bad news, i tell ya.
well, as usual, it was a bloody awkward moment yesterday during our first day of orientation.
cos, everyone, well, pretty much didn't know everyone.
as the second day, today, came by, everyone seemed to have warmed up, and actually getting chatty. ;)
it's a good thing.
i met these few friends for the past two days, which are in the same group as i am at the moment for the few days of group activities during orientation week.
pui yee, jasmine, yiun teng, von ding, JJ, poon, chee leong and sang.
well, a familiar name might pop up.
such a coincidence to meet him there!

today was pretty fun cos we had this treasure hunt thing.
we had to run from TUCMC (Taylor's University College Main Campus) , to TBS (Taylor's Business School to those wondering what it is.) and ADP building (American Degree Transfer Program).
it was INSANE, i give you that.
imagine, almost 200 college students, clad in the classic red and black taylors shirt, tryin to fit in the lift. =.=
some, decided to run up 6 floors via the stairs.
some, decided to just chill down there.
as for my group, we split.
the boys, went to the ADP building whereas us, girls, went to TBS.
well, we missed a damn clue.
which, made us lose in the end.
well, we weren't the only team okay.
there's 14 teams.

well, i saw quite a few of familiar faces there as well.

some, unexpected.

we even have dress codes for orientation week.

tomorrow, we're all wearing business wear.

let's see how it'll turn out like. ;)

i might be able to snap some photos of the day.

damn it. i dropped my phone two days ago.

can't see half of the screen. >.<

but, i guess i can still take some shots.

so, for now, that's the latest update. :)

will update soon!

to all my good friends who are not with me, at TBS or even at TUCMC, just to let you know, it's been a while.

and, i do miss the times we shared together dearly.

it's been really great having you guys around and i do hope that it will always remain that way. :)

all the best for college goers, and ENJOY LIFE to those chilling at home, which plan to attend later intakes.

goodnight. :D