Wednesday, December 17, 2008

restless. the beginning of an ending.

well, as the title states, yes, i'm damn restless.
i've no idea why.
for the past couple of days, after prom, i haven't smiled more than 20 times.
it's just been boring lately.
i guess what my parents said about me going to march intake is too long a break, is right.
it's not even a month since i finished my SPM and i'm dying of boredom.
i'm not allowed to work, and, i've already registered myself at this college in subang.
don't wanna say it out just yet.
avoid controversy.
my heart has also been pretty restless.
in malay, resah.
in canto, sum honn.
don't know why la.
hormones, maybe.
prom was, alright.
people complaining and stuff.
but, to me, well, not as great as expected.
but, ain't all that bad either.
ended, badly for me though.
don't ask.
life's been so bland.
need to get something to do.
i've been sleeping late, waking up late, watching moonlight resonance, again.
doing nothing else.

life has taken an overturn for me.

tough, i would say.

as, whatever i do, i look at my ring, and all the memories flashback like a slideshow.

making me emo.

no no, don't misunderstand, i'm still with him.

just, complicated.

i do miss you.