Friday, December 19, 2008

based on the date at the bottom, that states that, i watched yes man on it's release date.
oh wow.
i'm getting lucky when it comes to watching movies in theaters.
always watching it on the release dates without even knowing it and without even lining up for it. :D
went and watch it with alice.
i was doing some job hunting today.

a lil late, i know.

BUT, alice and i got so motivated when we met maisa and p square working today.

there were lots of other people working at ou actually.

i already got a choice of zara, guess kids and jaspal.

but, when i came home, disappointment.

my parents slammed at that idea of me working.

they said they rather give me the money which i'm gonna earn without working from 10-7 in ou. =.=

how supportive.

i wanted an experience maaaaa.


the bright side about this is that i don't have to work that hard to get the money and that i get to spend time with my boy as well, rather than using that remaining holiday time to work.

the down side, is that, i feel guilt gushing through my veins when i just open my palms and ask for a whole lot of money just like that from my parents. :(


i'm looking forward to college though.

it begins on the 5th of jan. :))

fresh start, i hope.

meet new people.

start a new life.

nothing else all that great with life lately.

just, very plain and bland.

sleeping at 4 and waking up at 4.


oh well. nighties peeps. :)