Friday, October 24, 2008

you got the nerve to ask me why i blogged about you.
the reason why i blogged about you is because of how you treated me as a friend.
behind my back, how you backstabbed me over and over again.
to the people who doesn't understand what i'm talking about, the diva was the one who went through our mutual friend to ask why did i blog about her.
come on.
after all you've done to me, blogging doesn't even balance the crime out.
don't get all emo over something you caused.
i wouldn't have spilled all those things out if you treated me as a friend like how i treated you.
not piercing daggers through our friendship whenever i turn behind.
especially telling our mutual friend that all those never happened before.
what lies.
have you forgotten what you called our mutual friend before?
have you forgotten how you called her 'purple' and 'copycat'?
have you forgotten that you said that she FOLLOWED everything you did?
have you forgotten how much you backstabbed all your close friends?
have you forgotten how much you hated poker face, the guy with the broken cock, fattylicious and our mutual friend you call a copycat?
now, you're changing your whole story and get sympathy from them?
you are termed the diva by me because you are one.
and now, you got the bloody cheek to even question my actions?
whatthehell man.
i said before, when you backstab me, i'll make sure my counter attack will affect you more.
what goes around, comes around.