Thursday, October 23, 2008

i was browsing around the net one day till i found these few photos which showered pity upon my emotions.

looking at the sheer amount of animal torture cases are increasing tremendously and is taking the world by storm.

animals are one species which cannot speak for themselves or beg for forgiveness if they did something wrong.

some animals are tortured for the evil thrill of it.

some, to release rage.

these are a couple of photos i managed to get off the net to portray my meaning of, inhumane behaviour.

now, would you prefer animals in our world living like those above us, or the other set of photos i found?

you decide.
not that i'm asking everyone to go vegetarian.
but, save as many as you can. :)
it's our actions that will reflect the lives of these speechless animals.
protect them, as they can't protect themselves.