Wednesday, October 15, 2008

today is the very first birthday for my new notebook, the ASUS F80.
glossing its way to elegance, glowing in charcoal black, with a fine texture to its proud, matte skin.
my dad actually made the decision to get this for me before i even saw it. -.-
that was a shocker cos i haven't even seen it yet, how would he know that i'll like it?
well well there, my dad was right. :)
this set didn't only consist of the notebook.
it came with 2 bags. one sling and a backpack, a microsoft student and home edition, an optical mouse, some DVD ram thing, and nevertheless, a pair of sexy back hang headphones (which comes with a change of colours of yellow, black and GREEN*WHICH I'M DEFINITELY NOT GONNA USE*). ;)
me like. :DD

it's waterproof by the way. :)
limit to within 50 millilitres of water, of course.
apparently, i really thin sheet of steel was placed right below the keyboard bed to keep water from interacting with the electronics.
blah blah. either way, for the price we got it for, it's all well worth it. :)
i wanted to get a white macbook.
but, the guy from mac city, one utama, told my dad and i that the format of the microsoft office thingy was different with mac.
in order to get the one that most computers have, it's an additional 700 to just purchase that software. O.O
mind boggling.
oh well.
for what i got today, it's all mine baby. :D
mine mine mine!
today's a happy post. :)
let's see about tomorrow.
oh yeah.
tsk tsk. i got stories up my sleeve urging to crawl out. ;)
it'll come out tomorrow if i have time off from the 4 hours of chem tuition.
OH YEAH. my cousin says my eye bags and dark circles can practically cover my eyes now.
it's cos i've been waking up at 3 to study every single morning after sleeping at like, 1 something.
every single night, man.
no shits.
it's cos of the crazy ass trials that are still going on in my school.
damn. non stop exams till december, peeps.
it's gonna be crazy from now.
best wishes. :)