Thursday, October 16, 2008

i would call my life pretty worked up lately.
but, it hasn't been treating me that badly as well. :)
blessed with the craziest besties, the supportive and generous family, and my ever loving boyfriend. <3
although life has been pretty tough for me cos of my exams, i'm trying hard to succeed.
what you reap is what you sow, peeps.
anyways, based on my previous post, i said that there's this thing that's crawling out of my sleeves, remember?
what i wanted to talk about was these two people which has disappointed me greatly.
i treated the two of you so well when you needed someone there.
what did you do?
you insulted me like i was worthless.
let me start with the girl.
you had a really bad tummy ache one fine day when we were having PJ.
we were all by the field, taking turns to play badminton.
you were seated somewhere away from us, all by yourself.
it's cos you were really having a bad tummy ache.
who was the one who actually went there when no one else cared?
it was me, *how i wish i can state the name here*
you were sweating and crying.
i was the one there to try my hardest to comfort you.
i was being a good friend.
how did you treat me in return?
you backstabbed me.
no one else even cared about you sitting there.
did you know that there were even some of them who told me not to care, but i insisted on seeing how you're doing?
it's cos i was worried about you.
it's cos i treated you as a good friend.
without knowing i was being so stupid to not see that you were that kind of person.
the guy's even worse.
he broke his arm due to some accident that occured in school one fine day as well.
he broke his right arm.
his arm which he uses to write.
for the next couple of days, he had real difficulty in writing.
but, the very next day, when the wound was still fresh, our malay teacher wanted us to copy down a whole chalkboard full of literature components for revision.
trust me, it was ALOT.
but, after i finished writing my copy, i looked behind to see how he was doing.
cos i cared, *i also wish to put his name here*
i was being a good friend again.
he didn't even finish one paragraph yet due to his injured arm.
his friends beside him didn't even offer help.
i did.
i walked to the back of the class and took his book and pen to copy everything down for him.
i thought he was gonna appreciate it.
the next thing i know, i just heard that, when i helped him out and his friends were asking him why he let me do so, cos it's so mean, did you know what he replied?
"let her take only la. she wanna do ma. let her do la. i didn't ask her to do also."
but in front of me, "oh, you don't have to, val. it's alright one."
hey, i've known you since standard six.
i was being nice to you.
not only that, you insulted me too.
god knows, you know.
how would you treat a friend that treats you so well like this?
you're biting the hand that feeds you.
bagai kacang lupakan kulit.