Friday, August 1, 2008

yesterday was a loving day for me. :)
at least the first half of it.
we skipped school yesterday cos it was hari koku, you see.
we went to the library to 'study'.
well, as expected, things didn't turn out that way.
we went over to penang village for lunch then stopped by a magazine rack and read magazines for half an hour.
LOL. we were just standing there flipping through.
headlines, "lilo(lindsay lohan) gets married to sam."
i was wondering, who the hell is sam.
i flipped to the page and had the shock of my life.
it was a girl.
damn. am i THAT outdated till i don't even know she has gone lesbian?
neither did my boy know about it.
ish. oh well.
and they also wrote, "they vowed to be stick thin together. they have sex to lose calories."
i was like, O.O "WTF MAN. THIS IS TOO MUCH."
but, all in all, i enjoyed my day with him. :)
walking under the hot, blazing sun was a new experience for me and him.
haha. i realized, out of the two times we ever went out, it was different.
first time going for paintball, first time walking under the bloody blazing sun and standing by a magazine rack reading magazines for half an hour.
while consuming the air cond. :D
we shop wisely, you see.
LOL. anyways, school was on today.
normal, boring day.
i was really tired though.
slept during physics.
imagine the high table and high, uncomfortable chair.
and, i still managed to sleep.
i really k.o-ed.
shooting off to ipoh tonight.
after my physics tuition.
gahh. i can feel the boredom seeping into my veins already.
random word of the day : chub