Tuesday, July 29, 2008

life's been grrrreat! :D
but, they had this blady ceramah today which was a total waste of time.
the teachers that were 'looking after' us were plain retards man.
they're racist and prejudice towards my mates and i.
god knows why.
don't know what's their problem.
just cos she knows that my boy and i were there and sitting by each other, she HAD to separate us.
it satisfies her, somehow.
maybe that made her itch and she just had to scratch.
she kept pushing us away from each other.
mind your own business la.
who are you to comment on us.
we're not making out or holding hands or anything also.
whatthefuck is your problem?
we're just sitting there listening to the damn thing.
got into the discipline room today for the previous case.
goshness man.
scared the living shits out of me.
however, siva was being real nice. :)
he didn't do much.
just advised.
counselling basically.
siva says he's out for the kill.
he's hunting those who ponteng before and gonna catch 'em all.
siva told us to let the word spread.
he's coming.
life has been fun fun fun! :DD
there was this bottle of sunsilk conditioner that was left on the table.
i took it, squirted some on pp's table while she wasn't there.
alice and i were waiting for her response.
she squeeled as she thought it was sperm.
i made it look as disgusting as possible.
i messed it up and it looked EXACTLY like it. xD
everyone bought it.
i burst out laughing like some maniac.
LOL. you should have seen the fear on her face.
it was priceless.
life has been marvellous. :)
i love everyone around me.
especially my mates and my beloved boy.
he never fails to make me feel special. :X
hugs and kisses.