Friday, August 8, 2008

finally, my laptop is back on my lap. ;)
i got a series of snapshots from the past couple of days.
my boy has been coming over to my place for a study session.
LOL. yes. get over laughing already.
but, yeah. we DO study.
for a while. ;D

look at his lan c face.


i love him lots anyways. :)

this is bobby.

my grandma's doggy.

LOL. to be exact, this WAS bobby.

this IS bobby.

he scares me now.

from such an adorable lil thing to this hyper active beast. O.O

alice's drawing.


i can't help it.

i needed to snap it.

it's too cute.

my boy drew this for me.

it's togepi! (or however it's spelled)

i just thought that coloured egg from pokemon is cute, so, he drew it for me.

haha. oh well.

as for that flower, it doesn't even look like a flower anymore.

cos of my friends and i handling it for 2 periods of physics and this is what happens from a perfectly beautiful rose.

sorry, sayang. :(

but, i love it anyways. :))

it touched me when you suddenly gave it to me during reccess. :D

alice's drawing upon special request of us. :))

how sweet huh.

as for some crazy ass stuff that happened, i need to quote these people.

theesy : can i liquid your mole? i wanna see how it looks like.

??? : why not i try to liquid your whole body? i wanna see how you'll look like.

theesy told me not to write who it was he was talking to cos it might embarrass him.

LOL. fyi, theesy's an indian.

get the joke now?

another funny thing was about alice talking about someone.

theesy, val, pp talking about the MOLE. (inside joke)

alice randomly says, "maybe her growth of the mole will enlarge and scare *him away."

* left anonymous for some reason.

as alice says, "LALAT."

we have some pictures from school which might make you laugh.

yet to get it from theesy.

random quote of the day : nuclear erection (alice thought teacher said that when she actually said, 'nuclear reaction'.)