Tuesday, July 1, 2008

yesterday was SUCH a tiring day.
i didn't even have time to sit my ass down for a long break.
i went to school.
the starting of the day was full of shit.
from the physics teacher, to the moral teacher, to the malay teacher, all getting on my nerves.
it got on alice's nerves too actually.
just, not quite our day in the morning.
but, as soon as reccess was over, things changed 180 degrees. :)
we were laughing like crazy with the rest of the gang.
as in, tummy-ache, jaw-numb laughter. x)
skipped the last two periods of chemistry and went to the curve with alice & pau ping.
realized that, the ikea hot dog is NOT BAD OKAY. xD
went home and before i knew it, i was getting ready to go out again.
my hair was still wet and i was getting ready to catch kung fu panda with my cousin at 4.
we got there a lil bit early and decided to walk around for a bit.
after the movie, we went over to ss2 hoping for some italian dinner.
then, out of the blue, my cousin went like, "OH SHIT. today got pasar malam. surely damn jam. let's go sakae!" :)
so, there was where we went for dinner.

after sakae, we went over to popular cos my cousin wanted to buy some book.

by the time we were done in popular, it was time for me to get going for my malay tuition.

half way through, we were stopped by this guy by the name of tim ng, a malaysian born chinese guy which has migrated to aussie.

he was helping out for wwf and was chatting with us about how to help the environment for a better future and stuff.


anyways, we got that done and we REALLY got going.

that was yesterday.

today, was just like a normal day.

but, the first thing that happened this morning was great.

his smile. *swoons*

shit man.

can anyone get a better smile?


i can only see it during reccess.

cos, i can't just randomly walk pass his class too often.

it'll just be SO obvious.

not only that.

he is a nice guy. :)

a lil shy, but, at least he isn't like some asshole playing with people's feelings for a while and getting bored of it later.

oh well.

i've no idea what the future holds.

apparently, there was this news on us getting caught for what happened yesterday.

the list was, val, alice, pau ping, jess, maisa, agnes & theesy.

omgoshh man.

that is seriously fucked.

our names were sent to ruzmita.



they are even intending to call us to the discipline room one-by-one.

fuck it la.

i'll be gone in months anyway.

moganam says, "finish 40 pages of the moral work book and pass it up. if you don't pass it up by today, minus 10 points. if don't pass up by tomorrow, minus 20 points. so on and so forth."

10 points gone.

20 more to go.

40 pages ARE INSANE!

i'm only at 4! :(

teachers misuse their power.