Sunday, July 6, 2008

check out alice's blog. (
it's about HER.
the one that blocked us out.
LOL. what a pussy wei. :X
wanna talk, let the whole world see la!
if you have nothing to hide, then why are you so scared to let people read all your shits?
it's cos you have guilt in your blood.
you know we found out about your fucking lies and as alice said,
"we're not gonna let you go that easily."
the more you move, the more we'll attack you. :)
it's best for you to just sit there and shut the fuck up.
i used to care whether you were alright or not.
even when you got dengue, i was still worried about you.
i can't believe how blinded i was with all your lies.
you lied to every single one of us.
this is what you get now, bitch. :)
i didn't cause any shits between you and the whole class.
if they can turn their backs on you, you should know why yourself.
trust me. i don't think it's cos of your size. (maybe a lil)
it's cos you're such a teacher's pet
none of us could believe it when you were celebrating all your shit results.
all of us were dreading and you were jumping with joy when your results were worse than us.
you know how it's like to make me get angry with someone.
you know what happened to the few people that triggered my last nerve.
guess what?
you triggered my final nerve.
i totally agree with the anonymous person that spammed your blog the last time.
every letter fits you perfectly.
i think it's made for you. ;)
stop calling yourself voluptuous please.
it's disgusting.
it's cos you're big, that's why you have big boobs.
it's called, FATS.
do enjoy your future fun with us. ;)
it's gonna be a whole new experience for you.
imagine alice and i added together to be out to get you.
go figure. ;)
i'm having a pretty good time lately. :)
whereas, she's having the shittiest time of her life.
more to come.
right, alice?
we can be your best friends and your worst enemies.
wanna beat us?
try with your RESULTS first.
LOL. that will never come anyways.
so, if you can't even beat us with that, why bother trying to beat in other aspects?
LOOKS? let's see about that. x)
GUYS? let's see about that too. you'll get those that matches you. :)
FRIENDS? LOL. don't even bother trying.
BOOBS? woah. you win us all over. CONGRATS! xD
i love you, great smile guy. :)