Monday, June 9, 2008

i'll be missing you.
i've no clue what's ahead of us right now.
but, all i can do right now, is to pray hard and dream.
i'm trying my hardest to wait patiently.
and yet, i sit by the corner of my bed, wanting to hear your voice to drift me to sleep.
when will that day come?
when will it be the day you call me your baby?
it all seems so close, yet so far.
if i were to say, i don't have my heart for you, it'll be a lie.
call me dumb, call me naive.
i have faith in YOU.
hoping that THIS TIME, it'll last.
as he said, maybe it's time to change the way of managing a relationship in order to get a new type of relationship.
a long lasting one.
but, still, i fear.
i fear, i'll lose you.
i fear, i'll never be able to listen to your soothing voice to sleep.
how? how can i secure my insecurities?
i'm left dreaming in the dark.
wondering when will the day come.
it may take weeks. months.
no one knows.
i'm no waiting person as everyone knows.
but, this is what i got to do in order to win his heart.
it's gonna be tough.
but, i'm really trying my hardest.
hopefully, this pays off.
i hope, you will be The One for me.