Monday, June 9, 2008

chris brown-ya man aint me
super super love that song.
i got a couple of my results back. :/
my physics. gahh.
i don't know what to do with that darn thing.
apart from that, why is it that HE seems to be going further and further away?
i feel so tied down to what i can be saying and what i can't be saying.
it's actually not that complicated.
but, he seems to be making it so much more complicated.
i don't know what's gonna happen next.
i came online, to talk to him.
yet, i get a smack right across the face.
what more can i do??
i'm trying my hardest to suit what you like.
but, have you ever thought bout what I LIKE?
i can't be the one pleasing you all the time.
this is like, my previous relationships.
pleasing one party and one suffers.
i'm so fucking sick of it.
relationships are about keeping things fair, isn't it?
i give in sometimes, you give in sometimes.
sigh. i keep getting this kinda fate.
it seems like, all the magic happened that night.
as soon as it reached a period of time, it all turns to dust.
leaving me all alone.
wondering what happened?
could he be real?
help me.