Tuesday, June 10, 2008

dear god,
i'm depressed now.
i got 16 for additional mathematics for mid term.
what am i gonna do now? :(
my phone's gonna get confiscated.
i won't be able to talk to him anymore.
i'm damn frustrated.
how am i gonna tell my mum and my cousin that wants to take my phone away?
unfortunately, there's no way of lying.
no way of cheating out of this.
we have report card day for mid term.
i feel so full of shit right now.
sighh. help me, dear god.
please let my cousin have a good mood and don't take it away from me.
my next exams are my trials already.
taking my phone away will REALLY MAKE ME EMO.
i won't be able to talk to him.
as the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder.
apart from my results turning out like some fucktard's results,
today was alright i guess.
something magical happened to me last night.
he called.
god knows how long i was smiling for.
i think it was about an hour till i fell asleep.
even this morning in school, i was smiling even when i was doing my duty to sweep the floor.
even my friends were like,
"what did HE do till you're so happy? never seen you so happy before."
yeah. heck was i damn happy.
hearing his voice.
heaven on earth.
but, my ass results must come and ruin my beautiful day for me.
leaving me to think and worry bout what's gonna happen.
i still have chemistry to worry about.
agnes, alice, maisa and i are planning to hit the library every thursday & saturday from now.
we really have NO MORE TIME.
i'm worried out of my lungs.
2 more months till trials.
and look at my shit results.
fuck. i feel retarded.
i'm facing a serious case of depression right now.
if only, i could hear his soothing voice to turn my day upright again.