Wednesday, May 28, 2008

we went to the library again today.
goshness man.
we'll be going there practically EVERYDAY from now i guess.
lol. it was only suppose to be 3 times a week.
oh well.
hey, we're not THAT nerdy okay.
i didn't really get to study much cos i was very emo today.
i was just thinking bout my problems too much. :(
so, we decided to take a stroll outside.
pinky and me.
well anyways, i was just thinking, could it have been my fault?
my fault that our relationship is at this stage?
i nearly broke down in the library.
i was trying so hard to concentrate.
but, i just can't stop thinking bout all we've been through together.
all our sweet memories.
it was really too sweet to forget.
i want us to be the perfect couple SO BAD, it kills.

sighh. one week and 4 days more to go.
will we make it? :(
please God.

i still miss you.