Tuesday, May 27, 2008

pinky and i went to the taman tun library today.
went to studyyyy. LOL.
well, we managed to take some time off to get a few snapshots. :)
this is the best one out of the lot.
the rest are all on friendster. <33
love her. :)
LOL. hey! it's true okay.
i DID study. X)

then, after a couple of hours, we decided to go ou for some late lunch, early dinner thingy. we met riri there.
we had a lil stroll then we TOOK PHOTOS WITH TIGGER, POOH AND EEYORE! XD

i was a lil intimidated at first cos i've been afraid of these things since young and also, we were the oldest there. LOL.

i decided to hug tigger and HE hugged back. XD

soon later, i wanted to kiss him. LOL.

man, he gave me one hell of a cuddle later. *swoons*

there must have been some hot guy in there.

before we left, we dropped over at the foos area to see whether we could bump into anyone we knew. arnold came along. but OMG! WHEN RIRI AND PINK SAW THIS DIGI THING, THEY PRACTICALLY JUMPED RIGHT IN TO POSE. lol. i was the one holding the camera. X)

IN CONCLUSION, the day was fun. :)
i've been going out alot lately and i'm enjoying every bit of it. ahha.
with all my beloved. <33
going to the library again tomorrow.
love love. :))