Sunday, January 11, 2009

week 1's summary. :P

hey thereeeee! :)
today's finally a sunday after a long week of waking up early, as early as 6 am.
practically earlier than secondary school, for me. -.-
well, the week has passed by, with mixed emotions.
shyness - meeting new people.
comfort - getting comfy with new friends. :)
happiness & laughter - talent time was really funy. haha. talent for humour, i tell you. LOL
excitement - attending orientation and the treasure hunt. :D
love - my love and my 6th month anniversary. <33>
anger - well, we argued few days before it. LOL (which couple don't argue laaaaa? means, got problem already.)
sadness - cos i cried when we argued. :(
disgusted - i had to bathe my baby darling hamsters earlier this morning. oh daymm. i had those chocolate looking, slimey, gooey, shit all over my hands when i had to wash their cages, since my new maid ain't here yet. *pukes*
exhaustion - long days at college is killing.
nervousness - going up in front of 200+ people i met for 4 days, for talent time. O.O
well, i think that is about it.
crazy ass week, man.

off to do my first assignment now. :)
oh yeah. i forgot to do some comparison, between taylor's and metropolitan, our neighbouring college.
taylor's has 200+ students taking business foundation for january intake, whereas metropolitan has only a mere 50++.
taylor's has 7 classes, whereas metropolitan has 3 classes, for business foundation.
taylor's first class are for the students who did best, whereas, metropolitan's first class are for those who failed english. -.- wth.
taylor's has 3 buildings, and a special building for business students itself, whereas, metropolitan's looks just like a secondary school. -.-
so, ahem, dear ones, which would you go to? :)