Wednesday, November 5, 2008

work overpile.

work has accumulated over two years for me.
i know, my bad.
but, it's too late to regret now. :/
the only thing i can do, is to work my ass off for the next couple of weeks.

i've been bursting my brains out figuring our thermochemistry for the past 3 hours, non-stop.
i decided to take some time off to relax before continuing my conquest for another 3 hours. T.T
oh goshh.
i feel like i'm bout to break down and crumble.
i'm so sleepy, i'm so tired.
i had 3 hours of bm tuition earlier this morning.
i've been feeling rather cranky nowadays. :/
maybe it's the exams affecting me.
just today, i felt the fear of it.
the fear of not being able to excel.

it's killing me.