Saturday, November 1, 2008

with this news being a shocker, i went for perfection's SPM seminar and came home with a new tablet PC from a lucky draw i won.
christopher was like, "okay. this person's number starts with 016."
"starts with the digit 6 and ends with the digit 5."
oh man.
was my heart racing.
after a 2 second long suspense, "valerie low.", was called.
wow. my heart practically JUMPED OUT of my rib cage.
with much joy, i walked my way up the stage and ended up having free advertisement which i didn't want.
especially not when there's over 800 people there from all over KL and selangor.
damn. i was shivering, to be honest.
but, of course, overjoyed. :D
so, after the seminar, my boy to fetch me and we went out for dinner. :)
by the time he sent me home, my feet were killing me.
it's been a really really long day.
damn. i think i should buy lottery.
magnum or toto.
my day closed with a smile. :)