Saturday, November 22, 2008

oh mann.

oh dear, oh my.
what is going on with the americans.
they name their son BRONX MOWGLI?
that's what ashlee simpson-wentz and pete wentz named their baby boy which was delivered on thursday.
pete wentz said that he named their son BRONX MOWGLI because if he wanted to be a rocker, or a senate, he can go both ways.
senate named bronx mowgli?
sounds more like the kid from jungle book. O.O

anyways, moving on.

i didn't get a chance to blog yesterday.

bio and physics is coming.

it ain't that bad as compared to chem and add maths, but, still ain't all that great either.

i can't wait for......something. :)

it's a surprise that it'll keep you guys waiting, if you're interested.

it'll happen soon.

within a month or so.

oh yess. i forgotten one thing.

friendship, huh.

i had this good friend of mine, of three years or so.

he somehow, got together with this girl and now, has decided to let go of this friendship.

he has forgotten all those things that he has said to me, i guess.

do YOU remember?

i was online yesterday and so was he, it's rare for the occurence of both of us to be online at the same time.

it never happened for more than 10 times.

well, he didn't even bother to say hi, and also, he has stopped calling.

he used to call, like, a couple of times a month to be updated as great friends.

he even told me that he really appreciated this friendship we share and don't want anything to come in the way of it.

this is not the first time that he has a girlfriend and end up neglecting this friendship.

but, i guess, this is just one of those disappointments in life.

it really disappointed me last night.

the worse part was, his nickname was, "she's so sweeeeeeeet. <33"

yess, i am happy for you, buddy.

but, you just left our friendship like that.

i have my boyfriend too.

but, i don't neglect our friendship.

i called you, you just didn't care.

such a disappointment.


i miss you, buddy.

i can't wait to go out laaaaaa!


the anxiety kills me.

especially now, when, ngeh ngeh ngeh.

i got my cash, it's time for.....MEGA SHOPPING!!


yeshh. SPM is ending for me in a week.

thank god it's finally over.

all the best for the remaining part of the battle. :))

i miss you, baby. :(