Saturday, July 26, 2008

i came to know that people read blogs for gossips and the latest juice.
i'm not mentioning names.
*COUGHS* alice & theesy.
lol. well, i guess everyone needs drama as entertainment.
what's the latest drama in my life?
let's see. i don't even know where to start.
siva met my mum and told her everything already.
needless to say, the nagging saga continues.
so, case closed for me.
i've no idea about alice & pp though.
oh well.
add maths project has finally been handed in! :D
special thanks to khai lone for helping.
okay. most juiciest thing of the day.
i found out that there's someone in my class that's also two-faced.
not only mr. harvey dent.
okay. moving on.
this person has been talking bad about most of the people and also befriending them at the same time.
i've known this guy ever since primary and the juice came from his so called best friend which had the biggest betrayal.
so, he told us EVERY SINGLE thing he said about us and everything spilled and poured out like hot larva.
it affected me cos the way he put it, was so insulting.
he told me one thing, he's telling this guy another.
i never knew that even guys have two faces.
i only thought that that girl from our class *read previous post for more in depth information* would be two-faced.
i thought all of us were in the same gang.
what happened?
everything's falling apart.
but, luckily, he's not my bestie.
he's just a close friend.
all my besties are still here.
safely guarded. :))
pity those who has lost their besties. :(
there are two in my class which has lost their besties.
out of betrayal.
they go to school everyday being so emo.
it sucks to see close friends like that, ya know.
it only proves, that, trust, must be planted into the right people and must be watched properly.
i wish everyone all the best with that.
as for my boy, he knows how to treat me right. :)
luckily, i can see him every single day to keep our relationship burning.
else, it'll all perish like the rest.