Sunday, June 8, 2008

heck. it's the last day of the holidays.
i was dying at home earlier this afternoon.
then, i asked my dad to take me to the curve for a walk.
so, he took me there.
as usual, we went our separate ways.
i was walking and walking and walking.
shopping and shopping and shopping.
the next thing you know, i bought 2 tops, 1 mini dress and 1 belt ONLY FOR 87 BUCKS.
shit man. what a great buy! xD
it definitely made my day.
i was kinda emo earlier cos i'm confused bout some stuff.
but, i'm feeling wayyyy better now. x)
but, the bad thing is that, school's on again tomorrow.
gahh. boredom.
rising in the morning and suffer under the teachers' boring noses.
results are coming back.
i'm so DEAD.
my phone's gonna get taken away if i don't do any better than last term.
damm. i'll die without my phone. :(
pray hard. *crosses fingers*